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First cut of this distributed cache framework (HoC = Herd Of Cache) is now available.
Refer to the source code link above and locate the most recent check-in.

Couple of features of HoC v1.0.0.0:

1.) Implements a partitioned co-operative distributed cache for high scalability.
2.) Internally uses consistent hashing algorithm for resolving object location (by both client/server)
3.) Server liveness detected using heartbeats - udp broadcasts
4.) New server nodes can be added without disturbing/modifying active client/server nodes - auto-discovery and enlist.
5.) Objects gets moved to the new server node as affected by consistent hashing when a new node gets online AND during a controlled shutdown.
6.) WCF (tcp) based service supporting simultaneous/concurrent access by clients.
7.) .NET 4.0 features like ConcurrentDictionary, TPL, LINQ liberally used.
8.) Simple eviction policies like LRU, Least Accessed implemented
9.) WPF based Dashboard to view the current status of the server nodes
10.) Indexer based simple end-developer interface for storage/retrieval.

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